Solar System Prices for a 7 kW System in Jaipur

What Are the Solar System Prices for a 7 kW System in Jaipur, Rajasthan

Solar power is gaining popularity in the bustling city of Jaipur, located in Rajasthan. Solar power offers homeowners and businesses an environmentally friendly and cost-effective energy alternative. An investment in a solar system with a capacity of 7 kW provides an appealing opportunity to harness the sun’s abundant energy and reduce dependency on conventional grid electricity in 2024 when subsidies are available. Rooftop Solar Company In Jaipur provides solar system installation at an inexpensive price; for more details, please contact us. In this blog, we will look into the specifics of solar systems with a capacity of 7 kW, including their components, types, pricing with subsidies, appliances that power, daily production, space requirements, and how they may be acquired.

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Types of 7kW Solar Systems

On-grid, off-grid, and hybrid 7kW solar systems are available. All of the above solar systems use solar energy, although their costs vary by type, company, and features. They typically cost 6–8 lakhs. The price includes solar panels, inverters, batteries, and other parts. Not all 7 kW solar systems employ batteries but only off-grid and hybrid solar systems. Moving from a 7kW on-grid solar system to an off-grid or hybrid one increases cost.

Brief descriptions of three 7 kW solar systems

7kW on-grid solar system: Utility grid-dependent. Solar panels catch solar energy and generate a direct current. Solar inverters convert direct current to alternating current. The solar inverter further sends the alternating current to the utility grid. The grid powers household appliances. A 7 kW on-grid solar system also has a net meter to track energy production and consumption. This system bills monthly.

7kW Off-grid solar system: Like 7kW on-grid solar system, it traps solar energy. This system does not store extra electricity on a grid. Unused power is stored in batteries. The off-grid solar system is pricey but gives consistent service even when the grid is down. It is the greatest solution for regions to whom sunlight is a concern. A 7 kW off-grid solar system is bill-free.

7kW Hybrid Solar System: 7kW Hybrid Solar System signifies its purpose. The hybrid solar system consists of all features of both an on-grid and off-grid solar system. It was the most expensive because of that.

All three solar systems have pros and cons.  A 7kW on-grid solar system is cheaper, but it may cause problems when the power is down or there is no sunlight.  In that case, hybrid and off-grid solar are best. They are costly but offer you the best services. Net metering and subsidies apply to on-grid and hybrid solar systems but not off-grid. Take into account the above facts and make a wise choice. If you need help, SunShakti Rooftop solar for Home is here. We think a real partner can best serve you. We take care of everything from rooftop space surveys, and designing solar panel installation companies in Jaipur.

Understanding the 7 kW Solar Power System

The solar power system with a capacity of 7 kW is an all-encompassing arrangement that has been painstakingly built to absorb the plentiful solar energy and transform it into electricity that can be utilized. Because this system has an amazing average generation capacity of roughly 28 units per day, it can meet a considerable amount of your energy requirements, hence minimizing your dependency on traditional power sources that are reliant on the grid.

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7 kW Solar System Price, Components and Specifications

1. On-Grid Solar System

This table should contain a thorough explanation of the 7 kW On Grid solar power systems price components, descriptions, prices, and other relevant information.

Solar Power Plant7 kWp
Solar Panel (Watt)630 kWp
Solar Panel Quantity14 nos.
Solar Structure7 kW
On-Grid Solar Inverter7 kW
MC4 Connector2 Pair
DC Junction Box1 No
AC Junction Box1 No
DC Cable50 Mtr
AC Cable30 Mtr
Space Required500 sq feet
Solar AccessoriesFasteners, Cable Tie, etc.
PriceRs. 6,50,000 (including Installation)

2. 7 kW Solar Off-Grid Solar System

This table style will help you present the 7 kW solar off-grid system price components, descriptions, and other relevant facts in a clear and ordered manner.

Solar Power Plant7 kWp
Solar Panel (Watt)630 kWp
Solar Panel Quantity14 nos.
Solar Structure7 kW
Off-Grid Solar Inverter7 kW
Solar Battery10 Nos
Junction Box1 Nos
DC Cable60 Mtr
AC Cable40 Mtr
Space Required500 sq feet
Solar AccessoriesFasteners, Cable Tie, etc.
PriceRs. 7,02,373 (including Installation)

3. 7 kW Solar Hybrid Solar System

The utilization of this table format will facilitate the succinct and organized presentation of the 7 kW solar hybrid system’s components and their respective descriptions, in addition to the price and other relevant information.

Solar Power Plant7 kWp
Solar Panel (Watt)630 kWp
Solar Panel Quantity14 nos.
Solar Structure7 kW
Hybrid Solar Inverter7 KVA
Solar Battery10 Nos
Junction Box1 Nos
DC Cable60 Mtr
AC Cable40 Mtr
Space Required500 sq feet
Solar AccessoriesFasteners, Cable Tie, etc.
PriceRs. 8,00,000 (including Installation)

7 kw solar system price in Jaipur, Rajasthan with subsidy

Below is a table displaying the 7 kW solar system cost in India with subsidies.

TypeSystem Price (With Subsidy)
On-GridRs. 5,51,000
Off-GridRs. 6,65,000
HybridRs. 7,01,000


  1. On-Grid 7 kW Solar System Price with Subsidy: Rs. 5,51,000
  • Subsidy for the initial 3 kW: Rs. 18,000/kW * 3 kW = Rs. 54,000
  • Subsidy for the remaining 4 kW: Rs. 9,000/kW * 4 kW = Rs. 36,000
  • Total subsidy: Rs. 54,000 + Rs. 36,000 = Rs. 90,000
  • System Price after subsidy: Rs. 6,50,000 – Rs. 90,000 = Rs. 5,51,000
  1. Off-Grid 7 kW Solar System Price with Subsidy: Rs. 6,65,000
  • No subsidy is available for Off-Grid systems.
  1. Hybrid 7 kW Solar System Price with Subsidy: Rs. 7,01,000
  • No subsidy is available for Hybrid systems.

These costs are a reflection of the subsidies that apply to the various types of solar systems that are available in India.

Production of 7 kilowatt solar system per day in Rajasthan

The batteries make sure that the power won’t go out in an emergency or at night. This generator makes about fifty kilowatt-hours of electricity every day, which means it can be used as a solar solution for residential settings or in businesses that meet the requirements.

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Things that are used with a 7kW solar setup

Solar panels with a 7-kW capacity can power many home appliances, including lights, fans, TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, and more. They can also keep you off the power grid.

Need space there

For installation, the roof must be at least 550 to 750 square feet. This makes sure that the system gets the most sunlight possible so that it can produce the most energy.

How to buy 

You can buy a solar system with a 7-kWh battery bank from a well-known EPC company in Jaipur like Sunshakti Solar. In this way, you can be sure that you will get high-quality products and installation services from trained experts.

Return on Investment: What to Expect?

A 7 KW solar system can give very good returns. But, the timeline is different:

  • Track monthly savings on electricity bill
  • The break-even point may occur within 5 to 8 years
  • The benefits of long-distance travel are essential for lower utility costs.
  • Use the online solar calculator to estimate the current time. Benefits also depend on sunlight and energy consumption patterns.

Real-world performance

A 7kW solar system doesn’t just promise energy savings. It brings performance into the world that you can feel. This article highlights how 7kW solar panels excel on a day-to-day basis, what benefits they have on the environment, and how they stand firm even in unpredictable weather. Let’s take a look at the stories of individuals and institutions who have seen good results with their solar investments.

Case Studies: Success Stories and Lessons

Investing in a 7kW solar system often involves ups and downs. Success stories are empowering. It looks at what the physical benefits of such a solar installation are.

  • A family from Rajasthan: Electricity bill reduced by 60%.
  • A small business in Jaipur: achieved ROI in 5 years and benefited from energy surplus.
  • A community center in Jaipur: produced full power even in stormy weather.

The lessons learned from the cases provide very important knowledge. For example, performing energy testing before stabilization can increase solar performance severalfold.

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In Jaipur, Rajasthan, investing in a 7 kW capacity solar system that is qualified for subsidies in 2024 has many benefits, such as saving a lot of energy, leaving little of a carbon footprint, and not being connected to the power grid. As well as being better for the environment, switching to solar energy can also be good for the economy in the long run if there is enough sunlight and the government supports the change. Use solar energy now to help make the future cleaner and better for the earth for people who come after you.

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