Solar Maintenance Tips for Jaipur: Ensuring Optimal Performance

Solar energy has become a popular means of addressing climate change and providing a sustainable means of meeting the world’s expanding energy needs as it moves toward renewable energy. This green revolution is powered by solar panels, which transform sunshine into clean electricity. Solar panel ownership is a wise financial decision and a fantastic renewable energy source with many long-term advantages. Solar panel maintenance is required to provide long-term advantages. For solar panels to operate at their best and last a long time, regular maintenance and thorough cleaning are necessary. SunShakti Solar; a Rooftop Solar Company in Jaipur continues to services after solar installation. The greatest solar panel cleaning and maintenance advice is provided in this blog post, which may help solar panels run as efficiently as possible for many years to come.

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Why is it essential to maintain solar panels

In general, solar panels don’t require much upkeep to function properly. The only care they require is an occasional, light cleaning to ensure that dirt, leaves, and other debris do not block the sun’s beams. You will only require more intensive maintenance during seasons of heavy snowfall or if your panels’ energy production begins to diminish. Let’s look at how to increase the longevity of your solar panels.

How are solar panels maintained?

Rain and wind typically blow away any leaves or debris that have accumulated on your tilting panels. However, there is little chance of this happening during the dry and humid seasons, thus manual cleaning is essential. It is recommended that you clean your solar panels twice to four times every year. The good news is that there will be little effort required. You may clean and maintain your solar panels with a leaf blower or a fast garden hose spray.

You might have to clean your panels after a significant snowfall. As you remove snow, make sure the water is lukewarm. Another option is to employ a squeegee with a long handle. Just remember that hot water should never be used to clean the panels since they are composed of tempered glass, which can crack easily when exposed to sudden heat. Consequently, you can use warm or regular water.

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Cleaning Tips for Solar Panels

  • You can efficiently clean your solar panels with the use of solar panel cleaning kits. It comes with a biodegradable soap, a brush (or one with a longer handle), and a wiper. To gently remove any accumulated dirt or grime from the panels, according to the instructions included in the container. It is best to clean solar panels while they are still damp to facilitate the removal of any accumulated dirt or debris.
  • You run the risk of damaging the glass when cleaning your solar panels with an abrasive sponge or soap. Use a soft cloth or biodegradable soap to clean your solar panels.
  • Avoid using chemicals or abrasive materials on glass since they might damage the solar panel system and need expensive maintenance and repairs.
  • Use long-handled wipers to clean solar panels to guarantee safety.

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Advice for Solar Panel Maintenance

  • Keep solar panels out of the shade since they lose energy when they are not in direct sunshine. It makes no sense from a technical standpoint to keep solar panels shaded because they generate more electricity when exposed to more sunshine.
  • Always keep an eye on your solar panels and check the inverters for a green signal. If not, there appears to be a problem with the way the solar panel system is operating. In this scenario, the system isn’t making up for the electricity you use, so you are most likely losing money.
  • Keep an eye on your solar panels’ everyday performance to get the most out of them. Every day at the same time, the amount of energy created must be recorded. Seasonal factors, such as overly sunny or cloudy weather, need to be closely watched.
  • The manufacturer of your solar panels should be able to provide you with the finest monitoring system. Utilize it daily to monitor the amount of energy produced.
  • You can install automated cleaners that resemble sprinklers or hire a solar panel cleaning service if you don’t have time to clean your solar panels.
  • Because solar panels don’t have any moving parts that can corrode or break, they might not need any maintenance.

How to repair or replace solar panels

It is recommended to have your solar panels serviced or replaced by an expert. If your product is becoming less efficient and is still under warranty, contact your vendor to have it repaired or replaced. After sending someone to inspect the damage, they will either replace or repair the panels, depending on the severity. Your panels’ physical damage is usually covered by an insurance policy or a separate equipment warranty. Learn the claim procedure and file your claim as soon as feasible. In any case, do not attempt to install or repair solar panels unless you are familiar with solar panel systems.

The ease of access and cleaning of ground-mounted solar panels is the primary maintenance distinction between roof-mounted and ground-mounted solar systems. If you notice any buildup of snow or other debris, you may easily remove it with a broom.

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However, solar panels that are placed on roofs are not like this. They are challenging to clean, thus it is preferable to hire a professional for the job. You can choose Rooftop Solar Company in Jaipur for solar panel installation which also provides post-installation maintenance services.


Commercial Solar SolutionsRooftop solar for Home Solar panels are easy to maintain. Just get a good warranty and insurance, and ensure the panels are in the position of cleaning from debris. Also, call the solar company in Jaipur to send an expert for him/her to fully check out your solar panel system. Just follow this simple manual and your panels should perform well, delivering good output. Play your part and let solar panels do their work for years to provide you with clean, renewable energy through the sun.

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