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Recently, there has been a growing global trend towards adopting sustainable energy solutions, with solar power taking the lead in the pursuit of a more environmentally friendly future. Rajasthan, a state in India, has played a major role in this movement by implementing a strong solar subsidy program. The program aims to promote the use of solar panels and contribute to the adoption of solar energy, ultimately leading to a more environmentally friendly future. This blog post examines the notion of solar subsidies, solar panel price in Jaipur for homes, their significance to the populace, and the specific rationales behind the dedication of the Rajasthan government to promoting solar energy. Furthermore, we will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to apply for solar subsidies in Rajasthan.

Key Benefits of Solar Panel Installation for Everyone

Cost Efficiency:

The installation of solar panels enables individuals to produce their electricity, thereby decreasing dependence on conventional grid power and resulting in substantial long-term cost savings on energy expenses. For more information regarding the solar panel price in Jaipur, please get in touch with us.

Environmental Impact:

Solar energy is an environmentally friendly and sustainable source, generating electricity with negligible ecological consequences. By opting for solar power, individuals actively contribute to the reduction of carbon footprints and the fight against climate change.

Energy Independence:

Solar panels offer individuals a level of autonomy in terms of energy supply, contributing to energy independence. They exhibit greater resilience against energy price changes and grid breakdowns, thereby guaranteeing a dependable and uninterrupted power provision.

Government Incentives:

Numerous governments, such as the government of Rajasthan in India, provide subsidies and incentives to encourage the installation of solar panels. The financial advantages of solar energy render it more cost-effective and appealing to individuals, hence encouraging its widespread adoption.

Understanding Solar Subsidies

Solar subsidies are government payments to reduce solar panel installation costs. These incentives make renewable energy more affordable and accessible. Rajasthan provides significant financial aid to individuals and businesses investing in solar energy systems. In a time of increased environmental consciousness and the need to live sustainably, renewable energy sources, particularly solar electricity, are crucial. To promote solar energy, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has implemented several incentives and subsidies. These subsidies make solar power more accessible, affordable, and appealing to individuals, communities, and businesses, benefiting people and the environment.

Solar Subsidies Guarantee of Rajasthan

The Rajasthan government has led solar energy adoption. Arid climates produce enough sunlight, making the state excellent for solar power. The government supports solar subsidies for numerous reasons:

Harnessing Solar Potential:

Rajasthan has sufficient sunlight for solar power generation. The state’s energy needs are expanding, thus the administration wants to use this resource.

Reduce Conventional Source Dependence:

The government encourages solar energy adoption to reduce dependence on traditional energy sources and create a more sustainable and varied energy mix.

Environmental Conservation:

Rajasthan recognizes solar power’s climate change mitigation benefits. Subsidies encourage citizens to participate in state green programs.

Cost of solar panels in Jaipur, Rajasthan

The implementation of the National Portal for rooftop solar subsidy in Rajasthan has significantly enhanced the benefits of solar energy for residential properties. Investing in solar power is a prudent way to ensure a cost-free supply of electricity for your home over the next 25 years. Several factors affect the solar panel price in Rajasthan, including

  • The manufacturing methods employed in the creation of various solar panels.
  • The efficacy of discrete solar panels.
  • Any financial assistance or benefits that the government may offer.
  • Comparison of solar panel types: monofacial vs bifacial modules.
  • The expenses associated with delivery and installation, as well as the architectural configuration of the PV module mounting structure.

Solar panel subsidies in Rajasthan vary by brand and capacity. High-end solar components perform better and cost more than ordinary efficiency components. Multiple the pricing of module range by the capacity to get the cost. Below is an estimated pricing range for different system sizes:

Solar System SizePrice Range (Estimated)
1kW Solar SystemRs. 75,000 – 85,000
2kW Solar SystemRs. 1,50,000 – 1,70,000
3kW Solar SystemRs. 1,89,000 – 2,15,000
4kW Solar SystemRs. 2,52,000 – 2,85,600
5kW Solar SystemRs. 3,15,000 – 3,57,000
10kW Solar SystemRs. 5,31,000 – 6,07,000

Cost of Solar System in Rajasthan with Subsidy.

The provision of subsidies for solar plants in Rajasthan serves as a highly effective method to incentivize the adoption of solar panels among residential consumers. The solar subsidy of the government scheme enables homeowners to generate low-cost electricity on-site, thereby powering their homes. The following table presents the solar subsidy amount in Rajasthan and the anticipated 5kW Solar Panel price in Rajasthan, which includes the fixed subsidy amount for various sizes of solar systems.

Solar System SizeEstimated Price RangeSubsidy ApplicablePrices After Subsidy
1kWRs. 75,000 – 85,000Rs. 14,588Rs. 60,412 – Rs. 70,412
2kWRs. 1,50,000 – 1,70,000Rs. 29,176Rs. 1,20,824 – Rs. 1,40,824
3kWRs. 1,89,000 – 2,15,000Rs. 43,764Rs. 1,45,236 – Rs. 1,71,236
4kWRs. 2,52,000 – 2,85,600Rs. 51,058Rs. 2,00,942 – Rs. 2,34,542
5kWRs. 3,15,000 – 3,57,000Rs. 58,352Rs. 2,56,648 – Rs. 2,98,648
10kWRs. 5,31,000 – 6,07,000Rs. 94,822Rs. 4,36,178 – Rs. 5,12,178

Solar System SizeEstimated Price RangeSubsidy ApplicablePrices After Subsidy1kWRs. 75,000 – 85,000Rs. 14,588Rs. 60,412 – Rs. 70,4122kWRs. 1,50,000 – 1,70,000Rs. 29,176Rs. 1,20,824 – Rs. 1,40,8243kWRs. 1,89,000 – 2,15,000Rs. 43,764Rs. 1,45,236 – Rs. 1,71,2364kWRs. 2,52,000 – 2,85,600Rs. 51,058Rs. 2,00,942 – Rs. 2,34,5425kWRs. 3,15,000 – 3,57,000Rs. 58,352Rs. 2,56,648 – Rs. 2,98,64810kWRs. 5,31,000 – 6,07,000Rs. 94,822Rs. 4,36,178 – Rs. 5,12,178

The table provides a concise overview of the estimated price ranges, applicable subsidies, and post-subsidy prices for different solar system sizes.

Solar panel subsidy in Jaipur

Through numerous institutions and efforts, India subsidizes solar energy uptake. These incentives lower solar panel installation costs. Here is how Jaipur subsidies work:


To receive subsidies, you must meet government requirements. The size of the solar installation, property type, and technological parameters may be considered


Solar panel installation requires a government subsidy application. Property details, system design, and anticipated expenditures are usually required for applications.

Verification and Approval:

Your application is processed to check eligibility and technical compliance. You will receive official confirmation if your application is granted.

Subsidy Disbursement:

After your installation is complete and operational, you can claim the subsidy based on the allowed percentage. The subsidy is normally distributed following installation and scheme compliance certification.

Staying current on government schemes, eligibility requirements, and application procedures is crucial to taking advantage of subsidies. These subsidies can lower solar panel installation costs and make the venture more profitable.

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The provision of solar subsidies in Rajasthan reflects the unwavering commitment of state to promoting sustainable development and preserving the environment. The state encourages its inhabitants to adopt renewable energy solutions and contribute to a more environmentally friendly and sustainable future by providing financial incentives for solar panel installations. If you are now in Rajasthan and contemplating the adoption of solar energy, I encourage you to investigate the incentives that are currently available. By doing so, you will be taking a substantial stride towards a more environmentally friendly and optimistic future. If you are still perplexed about how to accomplish all of this, I recommend reaching out to SunShakti, a solar company in Jaipur, without delay. We offer complimentary consultation services, ensuring your satisfaction during your initial visit. We have provided you with the optimal solar option.

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